What we’re doing

A weekly (Monday) bitesize reflection on a chapter of the Bible.  The reflection might be on a single word or verse in the chapter or it might be on the whole the chapter.  Hopefully, it will be interesting, new or thoughtful (we’re aiming for 1 out 3!), it will definitely be short!


Who we are

Job sharing Church of England vicars in inner-city Coventry (Zoe & Barney).  Job sharing is fun!


Will update as different people start to post.

Contact us

We hope we can draw on a nice range of different views and experiences of faith in the mission field and in the church for these Bible reflections.  If you want to suggest a chapter or book of the bible or you want to join and post a reflection you can email bitesizebible1189@gmail.com (1189 chapters in the bible if your wondering!)